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Hoof Care Tips Part 2: How Does Hoof Damage Occur?

07 April 2016

ANALYSIS - In this video, vet Roger Blowey discusses how cows' feet can become damaged, leading to serious welfare issues if treatment is not implemented quickly enough.

Mr Blowey explains how damage to or pressure on the structure known as the 'corium' inside the hoof reduces the production of new horn material, weakening the hoof.

He also shows some examples of deformed bones in the foot, which if severe enough can prevent cows from using that foot. 

Mr Blowey emphasises the importance of preventing such damage occurring, for example through minimising standing.

However, in part three of the series, coming next week, he will discuss important actions to take when seeing early signs of hoof damage.

Roger Blowey is the author of the book 'Cattle Lameness and Hoofcare'.

If you missed part one, click here to view the video about hoof anatomy.

Or, click here to watch part three.

Alice Mitchell

Alice Mitchell
News Team - Editor




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