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Hoof Care Tips Part 1: Hoof Structures

31 March 2016

ANALYSIS - Hoof care is an extremely important consideration for farmers, as hoof defects have a serious impact on health and welfare, further affecting profitability.

In this video, vet Roger Blowey discusses the anatomy of cows' feet.

Using real specimens, Mr Blowey shows the different tissues inside the foot. The three main components are the hoof, which is produced by the corium, and then the bone in the middle.

The hoof grows downwards at a rate of approximately 3mm per month, meaning that it can be a long time before cow treatment shows any effects.

In part two of the series, coming next week, Mr Blowey explains how these different tissues can be damaged, leading to lameness. 

Roger Blowey is the author of the book 'Cattle Lameness and Hoofcare'.

Click here to watch part two of the series.

Alice Mitchell

Alice Mitchell
News Team - Editor




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