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Yamaha Offers Viking Line to Farmers, Ranchers in US and Abroad

18 May 2015

GLOBAL - Side by side utility vehicles are growing in importance and are in demand across the world, according to Steve Nessl of Yamaha.

Designed to be durable, reliable and comfortable, Yamaha's three and six-seater models are being shipped to Australia, Europe, Russia, Canada and South America from its Georgia facility.

Mr Nessl says they are the only three and six-seater side by side vehicles on the market. 

The Viking line is aimed at a wide spread of landowners, farmers and ranchers and should be a different option to giving more expensive pick-ups a hard time when covering tough terrain.

"I hate to say this in some ways, but its meant to take the place of a pick-up truck," said Mr Nessle. "If landowners don't want to beat up their $80 to $90,000 special edition, perhaps they can take this."

Head rests and seat belts combine with bucket seats to give a comfortable ride, explained Mr Nessl. Capabilities stretch to transporting multiple people and lots of equipment. 

He added: "This is something you can use to be productive, use to be a tool and then, when the work is done, even go for a trail ride."

Sarah Mikesell, Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell, Senior Editor


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