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How Much Electricity Does One Cow Supply?

25 April 2014

GERMANY - A total of 1000 kilowatt hours of electricity can be obtained in a year from the slurry of a single cow.

And this according to the German Ministry of Agriculture’s “Number of the Week” is enough for 1000 showers.

If the manure of a small herd of cattle - about 25 cattle – is used, then the energy produced can supply up to seven average households with electricity for a year.

The ministry says that in addition to manure making an important contribution to climate friendly and sustainable energy, other waste residues can also be used.

The contents of a compost bin in a biogas plant, for example, provides about four kilowatt hours of electricity.

Straw bales weighing 330 kg will provide enough power for an average household to cook for a year.

“Electricity from biomass is not only sustainable, but also particularly climate-friendly,” the ministry says.

The1000 kilowatt hours of electricity from the manure of a cow reduces greenhouse gas production by about 600 kilograms. This corresponds to the amount emitted by the average coal powered power station in two seconds.

On renewable energy day on 26 April numerous operators of renewable energy plants across Germany that use the energy sources such as solar, biomass, wind and hydropower, are to open their doors.


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