Debate over raw milk gains momentum as black market grows

CANADA - Consumers who crave the taste and benefits of raw milk are ignoring some very real health risks and farmers who sell raw milk are setting themselves up for some potentially serious legal troubles says the local health unit and the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.
calendar icon 15 March 2007
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"There are some individuals who sincerely believe raw milk has healing powers."
Henry Garcia Waterloo Region Public Health
The bottom line is it is illegal for anyone to sell raw milk in Canada, or even give it away. Raw milk taken off a farm property constitutes marketing that product.

But that hasn't stopped some consumers from seeking out farmers who are willing to sell raw milk through a black market.

Petersburg resident Tomislav Kurevija is one consumer who laments the loss of the freedom he once had to buy raw milk locally.

"The milk, as we knew it, (before milk marketing boards) was a wholesome food that provided a lot of nutrients and energy, but most importantly, it was the only source of friendly digestive bacterium known as Acidophilus Bacilli and Bifida," Kurevija says.

"These friendly dietary aids have for thousands of years given us a hand in opening the animal "protein spore" so that we can properly purge its nutrients and discard the remains."

Like many raw milk advocates, Kurevija knows that through pasteurization, the lactic acid bacilli are killed along with any potentially harmful bacteria in the milk. Instead of making milk healthy to consume, Kurevija says pasteurization requirements are more of a marketing ploy to make the milk last longer on the shelf, making it more financially secure for the large dairies.

Kurevija is far from being alone as an raw milk advocate.

Source: New Hamburg Independent
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