Zinpro IsoFerm launched at World Dairy Expo

Promotes on-farm sustainability, allowing fewer inputs and greater stewardship of resources
calendar icon 18 October 2022
clock icon 2 minute read

Dr. Jeff Weyers, Dairy Technical Services Manager with Zinpro, spoke to The Dairy Site about the launch of Zinpro IsoFerm at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

“We're excited to announce our newest product, Zinpro IsoFerm,” said Dr. Weyers. “Zinpro IsoFerm is an essential nutrient to the fiber-digesting bacteria in the rumen. We have a product that is a proven blend of branched chain volatile fatty acids. This will increase the digestibility of forage in the TMR (total mixed ration) the cow is eating. That means Zinpro IsoFerm is improving digestibility of the ration to improve metabolizable protein flow for the cow.”

Doing more with less

Zinpro IsoFerm’s biggest advantages are twofold. By improving the digestibility of the ration, this provides higher milk production along with less dry matter intake.

“When you have those two things working for you, you are improving efficiency not only of the cow but for the entire farm,” he explained.

With a reduction in dry matter intake and an improvement in milk production, it starts playing into the efficiency of the dairy so producers can start lowering protein costs and lowering the amount of manure produced because they’re making the cow more efficient with the feed she’s consuming. Zinpro IsoFerm promotes on-farm sustainability, allowing fewer inputs and greater stewardship of resources – improving environmental sustainability for all.

“When producers use Zinpro IsoFerm, because of the reduction in feed cost and the improvement in milk production, the return on investment for the dairy producer is very positive,” he said.

Sarah Mikesell


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