World Dairy Expo: John Deere's commitment to dairy farmers

Providing equipment, precision technology and producer support
calendar icon 8 August 2023
clock icon 2 minute read

Darius Lane, PR manager with John Deere, spoke to The Dairy Site’s Sarah Mikesell at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

“We've always been committed to dairy farmers,” said Lane. “What we've tried to do is increase that commitment, and I think being here at the World Dairy Expo is showcasing that – we've got a large display of equipment. John Deere has everything from self-propelled forage harvesters to Gators and everything in between.”

The large display of equipment shows the industry that John Deere is going to be here for dairymen and dairy women for the long haul. They will continue to provide the equipment; the technology and through their unrivaled dealer network provide the service and support producers in what is most important to them - taking care of their animals.

For larger dairy farmers, they feature their self-propelled forage harvesters and combines.

“The great thing about having a very large equipment portfolio,” he explained. “We can be something for every type of customer. So, if you are a smaller herd manager or if you are a large dairy manager, we have the supplies that you need. Depend on your location, you have different practices and so that's why it's essential from an equipment provider, that we make sure that we provide, again, that high efficiency, high performing equipment that can give producers the feed that they need.”

Precision ag equipment & sustainability

“On the self-propelled forage harvester, what you'll find is the technology we have called Harvest Lab 3000,” he said. “It's about giving producers the opportunity to maximize the data and to help them run more efficiently.”

“We also we want to provide efficiency,” he said. “If you think about this self-propelled forage harvester again and going back to that, we talked about the DEF, you did an interview with Chase Milem, and he mentioned how the DEF has been removed for that piece of equipment. “

That is one way that John Deere is adding efficiency into its equipment.

“As a company, we're going to continue to look for sustainable efforts to allow people to run leaner and more effortlessly,” he said. “But also, be on track for where John Deere wants to go for its sustainability goal.”

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