The impact of Selko IntelliBond on the carbon footprint of a dairy farm

Selko presents LCA during the EAAP congress in France
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During the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) 74th EAAP Annual Meeting in Lyon, France, August 28 to September 1, Selko, Nutreco’s feed additives brand, will share research findings to help improve the efficiency and economics of dairy farming. Selko is the lead sponsor of the EAPP Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the World Association for Animal Production (WAPP) and Interbull Congress. Following is a preview of information that Selko researchers will share at Stand 5 during the EAAP Annual Meeting.

Beyond a trace - the impact of Selko IntelliBond on the carbon footprint of dairy farming

As the general theme of the EAAP Annual Meeting focuses on climate change, biodiversity and global sustainability, Selko selected EAAP as the venue to launch its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for IntelliBond trace minerals. Verified via an independent review process by Dr. E. Kebreab, associate dean for global engagement in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis in California, the LCA shows that feeding Selko IntelliBond reduces the carbon footprint of a dairy farm by 1.5-2% per kg of Energy Corrected Milk. Selko IntelliBond is the world’s first trace mineral source to offer this benefit.

"Feeding Selko IntelliBond alone will not allow dairy farmers to reach the targets set for a reduction of the carbon footprint," says Kevin Perryman, technical advisor for Selko’s ruminant feed additives. “However, given the dairy cow’s requirement for a high-quality trace mineral source, IntelliBond offers a cost-effective way to optimize productivity and support animal wellbeing while reducing the farm’s carbon footprint.” 

As part of a precision approach to improve sustainability on the dairy farm, IntelliBond can be included with other proven feed additives and management practices to help achieve the farm’s carbon reduction targets.

Beyond the rumen, the role of nutrition on cattle’s intestinal health

In addition to launching the LCA for Selko IntelliBond, Selko will organise a session during the EAAP Annual Meeting titled, “Beyond the rumen: the role of nutrition in cattle’s intestinal health.” Speakers and their respective topics are as follows:

  • Dr. J. Santos: Impacts of inflammation and inflammatory diseases on reproduction in dairy cows
  • Professor A. Gallo: The role of mycotoxins in the rumen and intestinal health of dairy cows
  • Dr. V. Sanz Fernandez: Post-rumen health and its implications on health and performance
  • Dr. K. Harvatine: Effect of acetate on milk fat synthesis and mammary lipogenesis

“Our understanding of the negative impact of systemic inflammation as a result of issues with intestinal health on the transition period after calving is growing every day and we are proud that four world-class researchers will share their latest research on this topic,” says Davi Brito de Araujo, Selko trace mineral specialist. “If we want to make dairy farming truly sustainable, we must avoid production losses related to poor transition management. This session presented at EAAP can help dairy professionals to do exactly that.”

Product related research

In addition to developing several new feed additives in recent years, Selko’s robust investments in studies conducted in research centres and on commercial farms have expanded our understanding of the value existing products bring to dairy farming. During the EAAP Annual Meeting, Selko will present 16 abstracts related to feed additives such as Selko LactiBute, Selko IntelliBond, Selko Renergy, Selko Vivalto, Selko Toxo XXL and Selko TMR.

“We have been very busy with our product validation research,” says Jac Bergman, global technical and commercial manager for Selko’s ruminant feed additives. “We have seen some great results in our studies, and we look forward to sharing these findings with participants at the EAAP Annual Meeting.”

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