Orbeseal Offers Significant Economic Benefits

New data shows that the use of OrbeSeal dry cow teat sealant as part of a dry cow therpay (DCT) programme, reduces average labour costs per cow for clinical mastitis in the first six weeks of lactation, from €3.37 to €2.16.
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The survey, which was carried out between May and December 2010 looked at the economic benefits of using OrbeSeal at drying off.

28 farms were surveyed across Europe (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK). The results show that Orbeseal can offer farmers a significant economic benefit to their dairy business. The survey also shows a reduction in cases of clinical mastitis by over a third (37 per cent). Use of the treatment also shows a reduced systematic antibiotic use by 38 per cent.

The survey, supported by Pfizer Animal Health, found that as part of a DCT programme, OrbeSeal helps to reduce clinical mastitis immediately post-calving, which is often caused by new intramammary infection during the dry period.

Economic impact of bovine mastitis

The dry period presents a significant challenge for farmers, both economically and from an animal welfare perspective. Management during this vital time can make or break the following lactation period. Cows are highly susceptible to new infection over the dry period. During this time, up to 60 per cent of all new intramammary infections occur.

Successful dry period management increases the chances of a cow calving down 'clean' without any infection in her udder, meaning a better chance of completing a profitable lactation. OrbeSeal has been helping farmers to manage their dry cow period more efficiently for ten years.

The OrbeSeal difference

Launched in 2001, OrbeSeal is a teat sealant that mimics the cow's natural first line of defence, the keratin plug. Using the product helps to control mastitis during the dry period, where more than 50 per cent of early lactation Escherichia coli mastitis cases begin.

OrbeSeal provides an effective, antibiotic free, physical barrier between the udder and the environment, preventing infections from occurring, thus reducing the economic and health impact that mastitis so frequently has for dairy herds. It is compatible with conventional dry cow management practices, making OrbeSeal an invaluable addition to the day-to-day management of dairy herds.

Fausto Toni, Pfizer Animal Health commented: "The new research reiterates the economic and health benefits that OrbeSeal is bringing to our customers. Ten years after its launch, OrbeSeal continues to offer improved dry period management which reduces both clinical cases and cell counts, resulting in a healthy cow and a successful farmer."

July 2011

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