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Dairy NZ Wants GHG Emissions Decided Farm by Farm

15 August 2019

NEW ZEALAND - Combating greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture must be decided farm by farm by farm, not imposed centrally via the Emissions Trading Scheme, according to DairyNZ.

This system would charge a levy on farms which increase their emissions of greenhouse gases and grant a rebate to those which reduce them.

The comments came from DairyNZ in response to a report by a group of experts, the Interim Climate Change Committee, one month ago.

This called for a levy rebate system, by 2025, with farmers being brought into the Emissions Trading Scheme by 2025.

In its response, the government indicated its preferred option would be to bring farmers into the Emissions Trading Scheme by 2025, with key reporting dates established earlier.

This was in preference to a levy-rebate scheme, but it called for submissions all the same.

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Source: Radio NZ

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