Boehringer Ingelheim launches Bovikalc Dry, oral supplement for dairy cows at drying-off at UK Dairy Day

Boehringer Ingelheim has launched Bovikalc® Dry, an oral mineral supplement to help support the drying off process in dairy cows, at UK Dairy Day 2018.
calendar icon 12 September 2018
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Boehringer Ingelheim

Bovikalc Dry® joins original Bovikalc (a calcium bolus for reduction of the risk of milk fever) to extend the range from Boehringer Ingelheim. Bovikalc Dry helps support the natural decrease in milk production at the end of a lactation cycle. Reduced milk production helps to reduce milk congestion in the udder, and the associated discomfort.

Bovikalc Dry contains the anionic salts ammonium chloride, calcium chloride and calcium sulphate. Cows should receive two boluses, orally, which dissolve within 30 minutes in the rumen, where the anionic salts are released and then absorbed.

The dry period is a crucial resting period in a dairy cow’s lactation cycle, giving the udder the opportunity to repair and regenerate between lactations, but the drying-off process can be a difficult, uncomfortable and stressful period [1,2]. Cows may still be producing considerable amounts of milk and the accumulation of milk in the mammary gland can lead to udder distention and engorgement [3].

Discomfort from udder distension during drying-off may cause reduced lying time, with cows resting for shorter periods in an attempt to relieve pressure on the udder [4]. It is also a high risk period for mastitis [4], particularly in high-yielding cows.

Cow welfare can be improved at drying off with attention paid to reducing pain from udder engorgement, and monitoring for signs of mastitis with early intervention where infections are present.

Mathieu Maignan, Boehringer Ingelheim Bovikalc Dry, brand manager, says: “The addition of Bovikalc Dry to the Bovikalc range is evidence of our continued investment in this important area of dairy health and welfare.”

Dairy farmers should talk to their vets about improving cow welfare during drying-off and ask their local animal health specialist for Bovikalc Dry.


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