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Biosensor Could Monitor Milk

12 February 2014

SPAIN – Determining whether milk is fit for human consumption could be more accurate thanks to a new biosensor that converts biochemical information into electronic signals.

Scientists at the Centre for Research Assistance ,Technology and Design have created a two stage system that recognises the biological state of the milk and uses transduction to communicate that information.

“One of the desirable characteristics of the biosensor is high specificity,” said Dr Enrique Jamie Herrera Lopez, project leader.

This means only the compound the assessor is interested in is tested, he explained.

Also, the search allows for detection of enzymes which contribute to the degradation of milk fat.

One potential impact of the research is the ability to discern when a product is degrading without checking the date on the bottle, explained Dr Lopez.

A parallel study strives to create a biosensor capable of detecting tuberculosis and brucellosis pathogens in milk.


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