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Review Could Improve Dairy Code of Practice

29 July 2013

UK – A leading figure in the UK milk industry has called for a review of the dairy voluntary code of practice (VCoP).

Dairy UK Director General, Jim Begg has said that although the voluntary code has been well received, with 85 per cent penetration, a stakeholder analysis would assess if there was room for improvement.

This is a year on from the introduction of the Code, a set of guidelines advising good practice for contractual arrangements between milk producers and buyers.

Transparency and choice were the by-words of the Code which Mr Begg has said has prompted scrutiny of business practices which, even if arrangements have not altered, is a good thing.

“The most important thing is that pretty much everyone has examined their business practices in the light of the Code,” said Mr Begg. “Some companies, in discussions with their farmers, have decided to stick with their existing arrangements. That’s fine. But they have looked at it and talked through what’s best for them and their businesses.

“Although the Code has not yet been in place for a full production year, there is merit in looking at how it’s working. The objective would be to see whether the Code can be improved and to make more people comfortable with its operation. I will be discussing this with the farming unions very soon.”

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