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Breeding Regimes Vital For Sector Development

29 July 2013

RUSSIA – Breeding regimes are fundamental to the progression of the livestock industry and advanced units cannot let up in the pursuit of bettering genetics.

This is according to state politicians and scientists alike.

The Director General of Biological Sciences, Professor, Nikolai Fyodorov praised the cattle breeding complex at the Patrushev farm in Sysertskoe, Sverdlovsk.

The enterprise was started in 2005 and has since built up a 1,800 strong dairy breeding complex within a cattle herd of almost 3,500 head.

On a tour of the holding, Minister Fyodorov urged the Patrushev staff that passion and commitment in these areas of expertise are necessary for progression.

He also reiterated the main focus of livestock enterprises should be based on developing artificial insemination techniques while on a tour of genomics company, JCS Uralplemtsentr.

Like the Patrushev farm, JCS is a new company. Main enterprises focus on breeding regimes to push for higher yielding cows as in the recent development Ural dairy ‘black and white’ cattle scheme.

Professor Fyodorov explained that locally sourced and imported genetics complement each other in successful breeding plans.

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