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Cell Count Results Vital For Monitoring Udder Health

09 April 2013

AUSTRIA – Farmers are being urged to monitor cell counts to determine the udder health.

With the release of the national milk sampling results or “Probemelkung” the Austrian government has said that, despite progress being made and many farmers being in the ‘green area’, monitoring still needs to be maintained.

Farmers are reminded that the somatic cell content of the milk of healthy cows is less than 100,000 cells per millimetre.

Cell counts over 200,000 are a clear indication that udder health is at risk.

The Ministry of Agriculture has recommended that the ‘Schalmtest’ or the California Mastitis Test are to be used as simple and quick first steps in assessing udder health.

The tests allow farmers to distinguish cell number in all four udder quarters.

The government has also advised farmers to send milk samples for bacteriological processing.

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