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Branding and Computer Technology Mix in Traceability Scheme

07 February 2013

NICARAGUA – Livestock movement monitoring is being stepped up by linking a computer database to an iron branding system.

Staff at DG Techincal and Agricultural Health Protection are being issued with training and equipment to formalise a national cattle traceability data base.

The training aims to build on computer skills so cattle traceability information can be successfully logged and stored.

Currently in 85 municipalities, the iron branding information system stores data electronically. Details include animal sales records, property numbers, animal number and movement history.

Willi Flores, coordinator of the national cattle traceability programme intends for all areas to be covered by the system in time.

"We are preparing our technical team to handle the tools and can assist farmers, police, mayors, slaughterhouses and auction system implementation" said Mr Flores.

The scheme entails tracking the entire coutnry's cattle herd of 850,000. Glenarben Gutiérrez , technician of the Bovine traceability programme has said the figure currently stands at hundreds of thousands.

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