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Antiviral Properties Found in Bovine Lactofferin

21 January 2013

NORWAY – A seminar held by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute will discuss findings that Lactofferin proteins have been shown to have different properties of importance for human health including an in vitro observed antiviral effect.

This antiviral ability is found in bovine Lactofferin (bLF) and has worked against enteropathogenic viruses in physiological conditions.

To function against a virus the bLF must be ingested and then retain its antiviral properties through digestion.

Camilla Furlund, Oslo speaker for the veterinary Institute, will present experiments that have seen a digesting bLF using an in vitro digestion model with human gastrointestinal tract.

The fractions were characterised and their antiviral properties studied against an enterovirus and an astro virus found in humans.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute are hosting a seminar entitled "Antiviral properties of digested bovine lactoferrin" on Monday 21 January at the Community Auditorium, Ullevålsveien from 12:00 to 12:30.

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