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Bird Repellent Approved for Use on Feed

20 December 2012

US - Natural Forces, LLC has announced the expanded use of a product as the first EPA registered bird repellent for use on agricultural feed stuffs.

The product called Fog Froce TM – powered by non- lethal Methyl Anthranilate - repels all types of nuisance birds from grazing, consuming and harming feed stuffs.

Preventing nuisance birds from feeding and leaving bird droppings in feed stuff is an issue in cattle and livestock production. USDA Wildlife services estimates that a typical flock of Starlings, one of the most common pest birds, can consume up to 40 lbs of feed per day.

“These birds are not only costly but dangerous to the feedstuffs”, said Devlin Reynolds, president of Natural Forces. These pest birds leave droppings behind which have been shown to spread serious pathogens such as E. coli, salmonella, and histoplasmosis. Some of these pathogens can be lethal and are capable of spreading to humans.

Fog Force is claimed to repel all species of birds by causing an irritation to the Trigeminal nerve. This repels the birds without causing permanent damage and they will associate the pain stimulus with the site, making it undesirable.

“This registration addition will enable cattle ranchers, dairy farmers and agricultural production areas to protect their livestock and their investment”, stated Mr Reynolds.

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