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Sprouted Grains Not Beneficial for Cattle Feed

17 December 2012

US - Providing mould and microorganism free, sprouted grains can be fed to cattle with ‘no negative consequence’ although doing so offers no extra energy or nutrients to livestock, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA) has reported.

ATTRA have reported that the seed germination process uses stored energy that otherwise available for the animal. The use of starch in germination causes the remaining proteins, vitamins and minerals to become more concentrated in the sprouting grain without becoming higher in amount.

Carotene (Vitamin A precursor) can be increased through grain sprouting which was used as a technique to create a source of essential vitamins before the development of commercial vitamin supplements, particularly in poultry feed.

To alter Vitamin A quantities on farm, when sufficient pasture and forage access is possible, would require impractical quantities of sprouted grain warned ATTRA.

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