ALIMET Provides Increased Profitability

GLOBAL - As the dairy industry moves to balancing rations based on the cow’s amino acid requirements, selecting the right methionine supplement in the ration becomes more important. Dairy producers can increase their profitability and double the benefits of traditional, protected methionine supplementation when they use ALIMET feed supplement from Novus International.
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Novus International

ALIMET not only supplies the rumen-bypass methionine that cows need but aids rumen efficiency as well.

Doubling the benefits of traditional methionine supplementation delivers:

  • Greater milk production
  • Increased milk-fat and protein yield

“With the high cost of feed ingredients, the risk is too high to have animals not reaching their greatest potential by making the most of their rations,” says Ed Galo, National Sales Manager, Dairy Business Unit with Novus.

“Novus is committed to the dairy industry and to supplying ALIMET in order to improve herd profitability through better nutrition and greater feed efficiency.”

Improved Ration Performance

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Cattle need many different amino acids to optimise milk and milk protein production. If just one of those amino acids is deficient, overall performance will be limited.

Methionine and lysine are the two most limiting amino acids for dairy cows. Feedstuffs can be balanced to provide the amino acid requirement of dairy cows. However, with current technologies, balancing amino acids with feed ingredients alone may not be the optimal strategy to feed dairy cows for the most efficient productive performance.

“Balancing rations for amino acids with just feed ingredients might result in adding more or too much protein and nitrogen to the diet, which is inefficient and uneconomical with today’s high feed prices,” explains Geoff Zanton, Ruminant Nutrition Research Manager with Novus.

“By balancing with supplemental methionine, producers can use less crude protein to meet amino acid requirements. This results in reduced ration cost and improved overall efficiency of the diet and nitrogen utilisation.”

In addition to building the amino acid profiles of cows cost-effectively, dairy producers benefit from ALIMET supplementation with improved fat, protein and milk yield.

Improved Nutrition, Better Performance

Cows fed rations balanced with ALIMET will also produce more milk with greater efficiency. ALIMET provides both rumen-bypass methionine and rumen-effect methionine. By being available in the rumen, ALIMET increases production of microbial protein, which is an excellent source of high-quality protein that provides a good balance of amino acids. As a result, the cow can get more out of her diet and in turn the producer can get more milk of a higher quality.

ALIMET comes in a liquid form that is easy to add to an operation’s ration. Rations for transition cows and lactating cows should be balanced with ALIMET.

To experience double the benefits of methionine supplementation with ALIMET, dairy producers should contact their nutritionist or a Novus representative. Learn more about ALIMET by visiting

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