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Daily Milk Delivery Statistics

09 June 2011

UK - Recent data released by the Dairyco has shown that daily milk delivery statistics for Great Britain (GB) and the UK are down for May 2011 compared with the same time last year.

UK Daily deliveries for the two weeks ending 28 May 2011 averaged 40.0m litres/day, a decrease of 0.2m litres/day (0.5 per cent) compared May 2010. But, versus the three-year average, current deliveries are approximately 0.5m litres/day (1.3 per cent) higher.

For the two weeks ending 28 May 2011, GB daily deliveries averaged 33.5m litres/day, down 1.6 per cent (0.5m litres/day) from the same period in the previous year. Again, however, daily deliveries for this period were 0.2m litres/day (0.6 per cent) higher than the three-year average.

Provisional UK daily deliveries appear to have peaked in the first week of May at 41.1m litres/day. This is 1.1 per cent higher and three weeks earlier than figures seen last year.

However, provisional GB daily deliveries show the peak at 34.5m litres/day, 0.1 per cent below 2010/11 figures. This highlights the contribution of NI production in producing the higher UK volumes that we have seen so far in the 2011/12 milk year.

Although Milk deliveries are down in May in comparison to last years figures, milk deliveries did start on a high, with January- April showing an increase in UK and GB deliveries, as the graphs below show.

Also released were figures for April's UK farmgate price.

The provisional UK farmgate price from Defra stands at 26.24ppl for April. This is a fall of 0.32ppl (1.2 per cent) from the previous month. However, annual comparisons show a 11.3 per cent (2.67ppl) increase from April 2010 levels.

Source: UK Dairies and RPA

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