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Reseeding Advice From The Experts

13 April 2011

UK - Dairy, beef and sheep farmers can get advice on all aspects of reseeding at a free event at Duchy College, Cornwall on 5 May.

The event, which marks the launch of the 2011 Recommended Grass and Clover Lists, has been organised by list supporters DairyCo, EBLEX, the British Grassland Society, the British Society of Plant Breeders and NIAB-TAG.

The programme will include four technical presentations by experts on a variety of subjects related to reseeding.

DairyCo extension officer, Chris Duller, will be there to talk about how to get the most from soils and on-farm nutrients, focusing on the reasons for reseeding and its associated cost benefits, soil chemistry and its impact on grass yield and quality.

Kingshay Consultant, Dr Martin Yeates, will explain how to choose the best reseeding method as well as how to deal with compaction, and will look at the advantages and disadvantages of over-seeding.

Advice on how to pick the right species and varieties to suit specific needs will be offered by independent grassland consultant, Charlie Morgan. Charlie says; “Livestock producers spend more time selecting sires than they do choosing the right grasses to suit their farms, yet no single variety can deliver across the board.”

The fourth expert is Dr Don Pendergrast of NIAB-TAG, who will give an overview of the many traits that each variety on the recommended lists is tested for, including yield, quality and, perhaps most importantly, persistence.

For more information or to book a place contact the EBLEX events team on 0870 609 1840 or email [email protected] . Visitors are invited to arrive at any time between 10am and 12.30pm; refreshments will be available throughout the event.

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