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Price Wars And Talks With Politicians For Scotland

03 December 2010

SCOTLAND, UK - Market indicators suggest that farmers should be receiving at least 29 – 30 pence per litre (34-35 cents) for milk whereas the average farmgate price is around 25 pence per litre (29 cents) with many producers receiving less, says Doris Robertson from Dairy Farmers of Scotland.

"The current marketplace is not working for UK dairy farmers and once again we find ourselves at the bottom of the EU milk price league table. The Farming Unions are still concentrating on fairer contracts but without a strong producer structure, milk buyers know that there’s little chance of producers having enough power to negotiate them," she says.

Price wars and protests

The milk price wars in the supermarkets and middle ground markets continue. In two separate protests, David Handley and around a 100 farmers from Farmers for Action (FFA) have brought the main Tesco supermarket distribution depots in the Midlands and the South of England to a standstill. Further protests are planned across the UK over the next few weeks with a mass UK-wide demonstration planned to take place on the 15th December.

Talks with Politicians

Strengthening producer organisations by competition law exemptions would be very important to dairy farmers in the UK and both DFOS and FFA are lobbying politicians to support the EMB draft exemption and relaxation of competition laws. It has never been more obvious that strong producer organisations are needed if dairy farmers are to stand any chance of fair negotiations in the market place.

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