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Total of 26 New FMD Outbreaks in Miyazaki

11 June 2010

MIYAZAKI, JAPAN - A total of 26 foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreaks in cattle and swine have been reported by the Japanese veterinary authorities.

According to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), a total of 30 cattle and 22 swine were infected. 1390 cattle were found suscpetible to the disease, while a total of 13452 swine showed signs of susceptibility.

The source of the outbreak is still unknown.

The reports states that all the cases had been confirmed by PCR until 1 June 2010. However, since 2 June, suspicious animals showing typical clinical signs of FMD at farms located in the movement control area around Kawaminami-cho have been officially recognised as FMD cases without PCR for rapid identification and response. There have been a lot of outbreaks in the area and it is indicated that the correlation between typical clinical signs of FMD and PCR results is extremely high. Suspicious animals without typical clinical signs or kept in other area have been confirmed by PCR as before.

Disposal of vaccinated animals started on 5 June. The vaccination has been performed from the rim to the centre of the area since 22 May, giving more priorities to pigs than cattle, and has almost been completed by 26 May.

As of 4 June, a movement restriction around Ebino city was lifted because there has been no outbreak in the area since 13 May and the absence was demonstrated by active clinical and serological surveillance targeted at all susceptible domestic animals in the area. No animals are vaccinated in the area.


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