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Antimicrobial Resistance at IDF World Dairy Summit

16 June 2009

GERMANY - No apparent emergence or progression of antimicrobial resistance in mastitis pathogens has been demonstrated after four decades of antimicrobial drug use in dairy cows, according to a recent review of the scientific literature by the IDF.

This subject will also be at the core of two conferences relating to Animal Health and Animal Welfare and Food Safety and Hygiene within the IDF World Dairy Summit Berlin 2009.

Empirical scientific trials that compared antimicrobial resistance of bacteria isolated during different chronological periods have revealed similar patterns of resistance today as those recorded over the last 30 years.

Prudent use of antibiotics remains vital in disease control and assuring milk quality in most successful dairy management schemes. Dr. Joe Hogan, leading author of the study, points out “Despite this good news for the dairy sector, there are isolated reports of resistant strains and detection of resistance genes in bacteria found associated with dairy cattle and dairy products. This amplifies the need for vigilant oversight of management conditions”.

IDF will continue to monitor and report new research results with reference to historical data and alert the dairy industry of changes in antimicrobial resistance among mastitis pathogens. Appropriate and coordinated responses to prevent and control the spread of resistance by management of therapeutic regimes will be proposed should there be any emergence of significant antimicrobial resistance in mastitis pathogens.

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