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Dairy Products’ Prices Touch Sky

21 May 2009

KATHMANDU, NEPAL - Prices of dairy products have risen considerably over the last nine months and are looking to go up further in the near future. Milk, which is probably the most widely consumed dairy product, is at a high after being priced at Rs 34 per litre. Seven months ago, it was priced at Rs 30 per litre.

“We have had to increase prices based on the cost of getting products from suppliers and farmers,” said Ganga Timilsina, Dairy Development Corporation marketing chief. According to TheHimalayanTimes, the price of curds per kilo has gone up as well. Priced at Rs 50 only eight months back, a kilo is now selling at Rs 60.

Butter too has become expensive. Earlier, 250 grams of butter was being sold at Rs 90 and now it costs consumers Rs 100. The hike in prices has been seen in cottage cheese (paneer), and clarified butter (ghee) as well. “We are looking to revise the prices in the near future, and there could be a definite increase in prices of certain products,” added Timilsina.

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