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UK Tests Spark Industry Standoff

05 February 2009

UK - An extraordinary stand-off has developed between some of the larger cow-buying abattoirs and auction markets, and there appears to be no resolution in sight.

Livestock auctioneers say they will not collect a requested £7.50 per beast from farmers’ cheques, on behalf of slaughterers, to cover the brain stem test, and the abattoirs are saying they will not buy cull cows through the ring until they do.

Yet both ‘sides’ say they are anxious not to damage a normally amicable and mutually-beneficial business relationship.

Abattoirs say they are already working on tight margins and are simply unable to stand an additional cost, which it is understood can be the equivalent of around £25 per beast. Most of those taking this stance are also big deadweight buyers.

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Source: Farmers Guardian


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