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EBLEX Publish Mini Feeds Directory

18 June 2008

UK - EBLEX Ltd has published 'The Mini Feeds Directory' which lists the most commonly used traditional and alternative feeds suitable for inclusion in beef rations. Compiled by several ruminant nutrition experts, it has been funded by the Beef Better Returns Programme.

"Feed makes up the majority of the variable costs in most beef production systems," says EBLEX scientist Dr Liz Genever. "It will also determine how well the animals perform and ultimately how profitable the business will be.

"While the price of cereals shows no signs of falling, feeds such as processed bread, biscuit meals and other co-products from the human food and drinks industry can offer cost-effective alternatives.

"The Mini Feeds Directory gives nutritional notes and a typical analysis of more than 20 different alternative feeds including moist wheat co-product, palm kernel meal and pot ale syrup, as well as conventional cereals, pulses and root crops. Farmers considering feed costs and possible alternatives will find this a useful tool when planning rations."

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