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TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Economics

Beef's cost of production, value in supermarkets and wealth subsequently generated within allied industries shapes many lives, whether in agriculture, research, science or food processing.

Resolving supply inefficiency and market inequality can assist in making the sector economically viable and more sustainable.

Contributing to Economic Sustainability
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Economics

The cost of rearing cattle and the value of meat financially impacts small family farms and large-scale ranching operations employing hundreds of workers.

Ensuring Efficiency within the Supply Chain
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Economics

Actions striving to improve value, efficiency and innovation from farm to fork.

Contributing to Global Food Security
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Economics

Protein is vital in a balanced diet. Raising cattle is one use of land to realize grasses, cereals and by-products as protein for the dinner table. Ruminants are the only livestock animals able to convert grass to protein.

Contributing to the Well-being of Your Local Community
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Economics

Farmers, ranchers and a diverse range of businesses involved in the beef value chain support and invest in education and development of worker skills and the cultural heritage of their community.


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