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Technique for infusion of a combination of dry cow antibiotic and OrbeSeal®

The theory of using antibiotic dry cow therapy and OrbeSeal is that the antibiotic helps 'clean up' any existing udder infections and the OrbeSeal 'seals up' the teat, preventing new infections right up until calving.

The following guide outlines a technique that, whilst taking a little bit longer than your normal method, will help you achieve the best possible results. The aim of this infusion technique is to ensure that the antibiotic is distributed throughout the udder whereas the OrbeSeal remains at the bottom of the teat sinus and inside the teat canal to ensure maximum protection from day one.
  1. Firstly, always observe strict aseptic precautions as outlined in Farmer Guide: Standard Operating Procedure for administration of Intramammary Dry Cow Products. If at any stage you feel that cleanliness is compromised then repeat the cleaning procedure.
  2. When using combination therapy, first infuse the antibiotic DCT to all quarters, then repeat disinfection procedure before infusing the OrbeSeal.
  3. Take a firm hold of the teat and apply light pressure.
  4. Infuse the antibiotic dry cow product as high into the teats as possible (try to deposit the antibiotic above the level of your fingers). There is no need to massage the antibiotic into the udder. Repeat for all four quarters. Repeat disinfection procedure.
  5. Grip the teat base firmly between your fingers at the junction with the udder. Turn the teat to a slight angle.
  6. Insert the OrbeSeal syringe and empty the contents into the bottom portion of the teat below where you are pinching the teat. You may feel the pressure in the teat increasing as you infuse the OrbeSeal.
  7. When the syringe is almost fully emptied, withdraw the syringe and deposit a small quantity of Orbeseal in the teat canal (a small amount of OrbeSeal may be seen at the teat end).
Best practise should be followed at dry off:
• abrupt dry off   • reduction in yield   • removal from herd and milking stimuli

Removal of OrbeSeal® post-calving

Correct administration of OrbeSeal is essential for correct and complete removal – adherence to best practice minimises the risks of any OrbeSeal residues being present in the milk in early lactation.

  1. To effectively remove OrbeSeal, take the top of the teat, pinch tight and hand strip the entire quarter ten to twelve times prior to first milking. Repeat until all evidence of product has been removed.
  2. Strip and check the foremilk carefully for the first few milkings for any evidence of remaining particles. Adhere to withdrawal times for individual products - milk into a dump bucket for the appropriate time before returning to the main milking system. It is recommended that users observe the guideline to not use milk for human consumption for the first four days post partum.
  3. Foremilk and/or mastitis filters should be examined closely as best practice during every milking. The milk sock and filter canister should be inspected for residues after every milking and replaced as required.

Industry standard plant wash-up procedure and employing an in-line filter or filter sock during wash-up will further reduce the risks of particles of OrbeSeal being found in milk sent for processing.

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