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Probability of cure following intramammary antibiotic treatment:

Mastitis caused by Staph aureus (subclinical and clinical) can be difficult to treat and not all treatments result in a cure. Cure rates can vary from 20-70%. The following risk factors reduce the chances of achieving a cure.
  • Increasing lactation number
  • SCC (somatic cell count) > 1 million cells/ml
  • Heavy growth of the bacterium when cultured
  • More than one quarter affected
  • Repeated cases in the same quarter
  • Palpable udder abnormalities
  • Infected for > 1 month
  • The Staph. aureus isolate is resistant to penicillin (it is a penicillinase producer)
  • Short duration of therapy

Probability of bacteriological cure following intramammary antibiotic treatment:

Bacteria Clinical (lactating) Sub-clinical (lactating) At time of drying off
Staph. aureus Very poor Poor Moderate
Strep. agalactiae Very good Very good Excellent
Strep. dysgalactiae Very good Very good Excellent
Strep. uberis Moderate Good Very good

Bacteriological cure: the bacteria are eliminated from the udder

Clinical cure: The cow, udder and milk return to normal and the bacteria may or may not be eliminated from the udder

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