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Basic mastitis types and control

The table below outlines some of the considerations for controlling different types of mastitis within the dairy herd.

  Contagious Mastitis Environmental Mastitis
Source of infection Infected cows Environment / bedding / passage ways / fields/tracks
Bacteria Staph. aureus Strep. agalactiae E. coli
Strep. uberis
Spread In parlour During dry period
Between milkings
Reduce bacterial challenge Cull infected animals Thoroughly treat mastitis cases Thoroughly treat mastitis cases
Maintain clean environment & teats
Prevent spread Post milking teat disinfection
Dry cow antibiotic treatment
Dry period hygiene/internal teat sealants
Pre-milking teat hygiene/disinfection
General considerations Ensure correct milking machine function
Milk infected cows last

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