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Optimising the milking

The milking routine can have a massive impact on new mastitis infection rates. Some simple steps should be taken to achieve the goals of clean, efficient milk harvesting. The exact routine may vary depending on the farm, but should be along the following lines:

1 - Always wear clean gloves

2 - Pre-milking

  • Foremilk stimulates milk let-down, (reduces bactoscan and detects mastitis)
  • Pre-milking teat disinfection (rapid acting)
  • Delay before cluster attachment (allow time for
    milk let-down reflex to kick in - 60-90 seconds
    from first touching teats)
  • Dry wipe including teat end
  • Attach cluster

3 - Post-milking

  • Shut off vacuum prior to cluster removal
  • Post-milking teat disinfection (ensure good coverage)
  • Loafing (having feed available post milking helps minimise lying whilst teat end closes)

The ideal milking order

1 - Heifer group
2 - Fresh calvers
3 - High yielders
4 - Medium yielders
5 - Low yielders
6 - High cell count cows
7 - Mastitic and other treated cows

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