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Researchers Solve Mouse Milk Allergy with Dead Bacteria

07 July 2016

ARGENTINA - Scientists have managed to reverse allergic reactions in mice to allergens from cows milk, in experiments using dead beneficial micro-organisms.

In future, the scientists hope to apply this method to human patients and help people with allergies.

"Our results are very promising and could be used to develop effective therapies," said one of the principal authors of the breakthrough, Dr Guillermo Docena, to the CyTA-Leloir Agency.

Dr Docena and colleagues focused on the bacterium Gordonia bronchialis and other species of the same genus, non-pathogenic microorganisms that live in soil and water.

In the study, the researchers recreated a model of food allergy in mice, and then administered them allergens in milk. For treatment, they were given a preparation of the bacteria, killed by heat.

The results were clear: the treatment was able to reverse the inflammatory process in the intestine and production of a type of antibody, IgE, which is involved in these immune responses.

"It is a very promising result for a potential therapy in patients," said Dr Docena.

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