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Study to Address Unanswered Leptospirosis Vaccination Questions

01 October 2015

NEW ZEALAND - A University study aims to evaluate leptospirosis vaccination practice after a pilot study unearthed some worrying evidence of lepto-shedders.

A total of 44 New Zealand herds had at least one cow shedding leptospires in 2010-11, a study found in 2010-11 with 13 per cent shedding overall.

Massey University, which ran the original project, has scheduled a 200 dairy farm test across the country to update best practice advice for farmers.

Blood and urine sampling is due to start in December on 20 randomly selected cows from each herd.

Professor Cord Heuer, Massey University’s Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, described the initial study as giving “limited insight”.

“We will look at the extent of animal exposure and shedding - the release of bacteria into the environment from urine - , current vaccination practices against leptospirosis and links with antibody prevalence and shedding,” said Professor Heuer.

“Ultimately, this research will be used to update best practice guidelines for farmers, veterinarians and industry stakeholders, to reduce the risk of leptospirosis infection in both animals and the people that work on farms and in the dairy industry.”

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