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Australians Train in Nepal For Foot and Mouth Preparation

16 October 2014

AUSTRALIA – Government officials are being flown to Nepal for real-time training in recognising Foot and Mouth Disease as part of national preparatory measures.

Ten Department of Agriculture positions are receiving training, co-funded by industry organisation Wool Producer Australia.

Observing early lesions first hand is ‘invaluable experience’, according to wool grower Alex Wheelwright, recently back from a course. 

“The course opened my eyes to the wider policies surrounding an FMD response in Australia and how they will impact not just on-farm activities but the whole livestock supply-chain, including the devastating implications for trade,” said Mr Wheelwright.

“Coming from a production background enabled me to provide practical input into the scenarios that we encountered, which in the event of an outbreak in Australia will be just as important as the technical advice.”

Courses are for producers, veterinarians and policy makers and are delivered by the World Food and Agriculture Organisation. 

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