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Government Places Andalusia in Bluetongue Lock Down

15 October 2014

SPAIN – South west Spain is in lockdown because of a Bluetongue outbreak sweeping across livestock farms.

Movement restrictions, in place since Friday 10 across Andalusia, have followed at least 25 provinces reporting the serotype four strain of the virus.

When placing the restrictions, regional Minister for Agriculture Elena Vipers stressed the situation was ‘under control’ and called for ‘calm’.

A farm near the Cordoba town of Fuente Palmera was first to be confirmed, according to the Spanish press.

Last week, agriculture ministers stressed the disease was not a danger to human health.

Farm groups have pleaded with the government to fund a vaccination programme to treat all animals by springtime.

A raft of local and national media reports have detailed the widespread nature of the outbreaks.

To date, no report has come from the World Organisation for Animal Health.

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