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Latest Saturated Fats Study Welcomed By Dairy Leader

20 March 2014

UK – New research stating saturated fats have a different impact when in nutrient-rich foods has been known for years, a leading dairy spokesperson has commented.

Dr Judith Bryans, chief executive of DairyUK has agreed with the findings laid out in a British Heart Foundation study on saturated fats.

The Foundation was partnered by the Cambridge National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre and has been welcomed by the dairy industry.

Dr Bryans said: “This meta-analysis confirms what many individual reviews and studies have shown over the last few years, namely that saturated fats present in nutrient-rich foods such as dairy products do not have a proven negative impact on health.

“Many efforts to reduce saturated fat intake, including government guidelines, fail to take into account the diversity of saturated fatty acids or their impact when combined with other nutrients such as calcium.

“We’ve known for years that saturated fats consumed on their own have a significantly different impact than saturated fats present in nutrient-rich foods.”

She was hopeful that new data be accounted in latest Department of Health guidelines in a review procedure.

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