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Tariffs Too High Says Conaprole Boss

18 October 2013

URUGUAY – The inequality in Chinese dairy tariffs has been reassessed by a Uruguayan milk processor which has ordered change so trade can be maintained.

Uruguay’s largest milk exporter Conaprole has said unfair import barriers are stifling competition as it continues to pay a 10 per cent import tariff, as opposed to New Zealand’s 5.8 per cent.

Company manager, Perez Viazzi revealed that 30 per cent of company turnover came from Chinese sales.

However, he added that relations with China require a lot of time and dedication, reports Elobservador.

Furthermore, he added that the New Zealand tariff is set to drop to zero per cent in 2020.

Mr Viazzi has paid a recent trip to China representing 66 per cent of Uruguayan milk, as Conaprole boss.

He explained that the ‘asian giant’ has three goals. These are to sustain economic growth, improve human welfare and promote equality in society.


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