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Dairy Wastewater Recycling To Make Power and Save Money

01 October 2013

EU – An innovative dairy wastewater process is set to save the food industry millions of euros.

The project aims to link the treatment of waste water and whey to energy production through the recovery and purification of hydrogen.

REWAGEN, ‘Electrochemical water treatment system in the dairy food industry with hydrogen recovery and electricity production’, is EU- funded and been going since summer 2012.

Predictions have posted savings at 10 per cent energy consumption reductions and a 30 per cent cut in water consumption.

The rate of waste water to be recycled is between 80 and 95 per cent which is the kind of saving which could benefit the sector hugely, according to project coordinator, Alexander Karos.

"The food and beverage sector is one of the largest industrial sectors in Europe in terms of turnover," said Mr Karos. "Environmental issues in the food-processing industry are diverse, but one of the main issues is wastewater prevention and treatment."

New developments in wastewater management have great job creation potential, added Mr Karos.

He said that wastewater management provides nearly 600,000 jobs across the EU and already grosses a turnover of 72 billion annually.


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