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Cheese Consumption Falls As Mature Varieties Grow in Popularity

24 April 2013

SPAIN – Results of Spanish household spending in 2012 shows that families are developing a taste for mature varieties of cheese, while buying less cheese overall.

Consumption by volume dropped by 0.6 per cent although cheese spending increased slightly by 0.3 per cent, due an average price increase of almost 1 per cent. Sales of mature and mild cheese increased by 7.1 per cent.

This is according to the Consumer Panel Study which calculated per capita cheese consumption at 7.94 kilos for the year – of which 31 per cent is ‘fresh’. Cheese spending averaged at €56 per person per year at 4 per cent of the food budget.

Although retaining its place at the top of the buying charts, ‘fresh cheese’ buying dropped 2.9 per cent. In Spain this product is seen as the more affordable cheese at €4.83 per kilo.

Aragon remains the region with the lowest consumption. Cantabria, Extremadura and Asturias are the biggest cheese consuming regions.


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