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USDA Forecast Predicts More Dairy Growth

22 February 2013

The USDA projects that milk production will continue to grow in its recently published baseline predictions for the period 2013 to 2022, according to experts at Daryco.

This is based on a long term upward trend in yields sufficient to compensate for reduced cow numbers.

It is predicted that cow numbers will decrease at a minimal rate over the period, falling by 3 per cent over the ten year period. Counteracting the reduction in the size of the dairy herd, however, is the assumption that continued technological and genetic developments will improve yields.

Projections show a 19 per cent increase in output per cow over the period from 21.6 thousand pounds (9.8 thousand litres) to 25.8 thousand pounds (11.7 thousand litres).

With domestic demand not expected to grow significantly, the US is predicted to be well positioned to expand exports of dairy products.

Production increases by other major dairy exporters are expected to lag behind growth rates in global import demand, creating markets to support an increase iin commercial dairy exports.

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