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Track and Monitor Pestivirus

07 February 2013

AUSTRALIA - The Pestivirus 'wheel of misery' establishes where cost benefits sit in relation to Pestivirus management and is expected to be a great help to farmers.

The Victorian Farmers Federation’s Pestivirus workshop on February 12 shows farmers how to accurately and efficiently protect their herd against this debilitating disease.

If you have experienced; poor reproductive rates, low birth weights, poor growth rates and calf losses then Pestivirus may be affecting your herd.

Pestivirus is widespread in Australia, as up to 90 per cent of herds have been infected at some point.

Walwa Veterinary Practice has helped support the workshop and practice owner Dr David Hall said many producers are aware of the impacts of Pestivirus, but few know how to minimise its impact.

“I think the important thing is for them to be aware that the virus is in most herds, and many management and timing factors interplay to make it obvious,” Dr Hall said.

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