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New Health Brand Uses 10 Times More Fruit

13 November 2012

BRAZIL - Brazilian processor Batavo have watched sales of a yoghurt boom. From April-September sales increased 73 per cent.

Data released by Nielsen has shown that the brand has grown, entering the top three in the industry.

"When releasing the new brand in April, we were certain it would perform well," says Luciane Matiello, director of marketing for the dairy unit of BRF.

The main success story for Batavo has been the new line 'Pieces' which is a brand that focuses on good health and consumer desire for natural produce. The yoghurt has ten times more real fruit in its formualtion and, therefore, needs less sugars artificially added to it to taste sweet.


The concept behind the marketing of the product comes from Biomimetics. This is based on theorising the needs of things by studying their lives and patterns of behaviour.

"People are not living naturally and are distanced from nature by modern life reveals Matiello.

"And Batavo understands that food is a way to establish this connection," he adds.

With the support of a multidisciplinary team, Batavo conducted ann in depth study of consumer behaviour. The result was a product that was full of natural goodness and packaged in a way that clearly linked the 'Pieces' range to a health conscious life.

Batavo developed three lines of yogurt sweetened with natural fructose - fruit sugar - which is; lower on glycemic index, more easily digestable and does not depend on insulin to be metabolized.

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