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Dairy Farming - One of the Worst Jobs?

09 May 2012

GLOBAL - According to a US American survey, the occupation of dairy farmer was voted one of the worst in 2012. It is ranked 199 out of 200, only “beaten” by the occupation of tree feller. Top of the table, on the other hand, is the job of software engineer.

The survey is conducted every year by the private employment agency CareerCast. It takes into consideration four different factors including the working environment, stress, physical demands and job prospects. Last year the dairy farmer did not feature among the ten worst occupations. This is a new development, which some say suggests working conditions have deteriorated.

According to the study, dairy farmers earn little, and their work with large animals is dangerous. In the last ten years dairy farmers have had more accidents at work resulting in death than ever before. What is more, working conditions are punishing, not least because farmers have to be outside, whatever the weather. The fact that the dairy sector is becoming more and more about the big players did not go unnoticed, with the small farms drawing the short straw, resulting in fears about the economic survival of farmers.

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