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Australia Commits to Cattle Railway

04 August 2009

AUSTRALIA - Queensland Transport Minister Rachel Nolan says she is working with the cattle industry to ensure livestock can continue to be transported by rail.

Rural lobby group AgForce and meat processors warn that changes proposed by Queensland Rail (QR) are forcing them to move cattle by road, reports ABCNews.

But Ms Nolan says the Government is committed to rail transport and talks are continuing on the best way to secure the future.

"It's always hard to match up what is effectively fixed rail capacity with the really variable supply of cattle, so what I'm doing is currently working with AgForce and with the big industry players to get this business on a sort of permament and sustainable basis for the future," she told ABCNews.

Ms Nolan says the Government is working to ensure that Queensland Rail maintains its regional freight rail service.

QR is considering making producers sign long-term contracts to transport cattle to markets and abattoirs across the state.

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