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Grass+ Programme Gets the Most Out of Grass

29 April 2009

UK - DairyCo has completely revised the grass+ improvement programme, introducing a series of practical new tips and topics to help get the most from grass.

The new programme includes information on assessing grazing and integrating it into TMR, with case studies on both lower and higher input systems and a farmer that grazes cows pre-silaging in February and March.

grass+ now takes farmers through the process of grass budgeting, producing their own grass wedge, and also winter management to ensure cows come into the right covers in the spring.

DairyCo extension officer Piers Badnell has written a large part of the revised programme. “We all know that grass is the cheapest feed, and there’s no reason why you can’t accurately integrate grazed grass as a part of the overall diet in terms of quality and quantity, this extensively updated grass+ really helps you achieve that.

“We’ve revised all the figures for use of slurry and manures to take into account recent fertiliser prices, we’ve provided information on calibrating fertiliser spreaders to help farmers make sure they’re using equipment as efficiently as possible. There’s also a whole new section on cow tracks, how and why to use them, and which are the best types to consider for your farm.”

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