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Argentine Cow Clones May Help Boost Milk Output

07 November 2008

ARGENTINA - Scientists in Arentina have been able to boost milk production by injecting cows with growth hormones derived from genetically modified clones.

Synthetic bovine somatotropin, which is also called rbST, is already injected into cows to boost milk production, but Argentine researchers say their method is cheaper and produces a natural bovine hormone.

According to Reuters, Andres Bercovich, head of research and development at biotechnology firm Bio Sidus, said that if a cow would normally produce 5.3 gallons (20 liters) of milk per day, it could produce more than 6 gallons (24 to 25 liters) when it is injected with the hormone.

"It's going to be a cheaper method because it requires far less equipment and the only costs are what the animal needs," he told Reuters on Wednesday.

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