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Scott Leibsle, DVM, on Trichomoniasis in Cattle in the Western US

Jennifer Street, Microbiologist, on Diagnostic Testing for Johne's Disease

Dan Salmi - Idaho Animal Health Veterinary Laboratory

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Thermo Fisher Scientific - Calvin Gunter

Why is USDA licensing of diagnostic kits important and who regulates it?

Calvin Gunter Senior Manager, Product Management Thermo Fisher Scientific

 Expert Ivan Leyva-Baca, DVM, PhD

What is Tritrichomonas foetus (Trich)?

Ivan Leyva-Baca, DVM, PhD
Animal Health Product Applications at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Laurent Delooz - Regional Association for Animal Health and Identification (ARSIA), Belgium

How Belgium Maintains Brucellosis-free Status in Cattle

Laurent Delooz
Regional Association for Animal Health and Identification (ARSIA), Belgium.

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