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Introducing DELISTART®

27 April 2016


Nutriad’s New Concept for Young Animal Diets

Nutriad’s Palatability Business Unit is introducing a brand new product concept for young animal diets. Formulated to provide important taste signals, that are associated with key nutritional factors, DELISTART® has been specifically developed with young animals, especially pigs and calves, in mind.

Optimising feed intake at critical challenge points in the production cycle such as weaning and through diet transition phases is vital to ensuring and optimising efficient growth.

In the case of pig production the trend toward larger litters, and potentially an associated increased number of smaller piglets at weaning, means that early feed intake and group uniformity has never been more important.

The economic benefits of maximising growth when young animals are at their most efficient, are well known. Including DELISTART® in the high performance diets fed in these stages ensures rapid, early uptake helping animals achieve more of their genetic potential.

For more information on DELISTART® or any of our other palatability products please contact us.

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